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ok so I'm back again stating the same problem. Ok I changed my journal around and I still can't seem to get the side of my journal where it says, Friend, info, blah blah blah to change, and I asked you and you gave me a code but it didn't work so I'm gonna post the code that you gave me here and you tell me what is wrong with it and what needs to be changed.

Ok I posted this code after the LASTN_TALK_READLINKS and before the GLOBAL_HEAD. this is what I put (without the stars)

<*style type="text/css*">
**table table table table .meta {visibility: hidden}
**table table table table table .meta {visibility: visible}
<*a href="">My Past</a>

<*a href="">My Present</a>

<*a href="">My Shit</a>

Ok what is wrong with that.
The style of my journal is Puiquin Elegant w/sidebar.
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