network error?

can anyone help me in this?
whenever i try to save my changes after customising my css, i will always get this page.

Network Error

A temporary network error occurred while trying to retrieve the requested URL.

Please try the following:

  • Please click the
  • Refresh button, or try again later.

it has never happened before(i think).
ive tried refreshing it several times/resetting it back to default then pasting the codes again/switching to a basic account(mine's a plus anw)..almost everything. i even tried on another computer, but that page shows up again. i've looked up the LJ FAQ section, but cant find it anywhere...

someone please help! i'll be eternally grateful ;)

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(no subject)

can somebody please help me? i would like to request a layout simliar to the user gliiterful

the only thing i would like different is-

Font: comic sans ms
Font Size: 8

Entries: 10 per page

I would like the journal in the center.

Post Comment= k.i.s.s m.e ; #comment= k.i.s.s.e.d with this picture in the middle -

thank you so much!

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(no subject)

hey, im new. i am in DESPERATE need of a new layout. and i mean badly. im running out of ideas and things to do! help me out?!.. maybe you can whip up something like  ___pink_it 's journal. (but pink, of course.) if that layout could come with an icon, you would be my hero.




ok so I'm back again stating the same problem. Ok I changed my journal around and I still can't seem to get the side of my journal where it says, Friend, info, blah blah blah to change, and I asked you and you gave me a code but it didn't work so I'm gonna post the code that you gave me here and you tell me what is wrong with it and what needs to be changed.

Ok I posted this code after the LASTN_TALK_READLINKS and before the GLOBAL_HEAD. this is what I put (without the stars)

<*style type="text/css*">
**table table table table .meta {visibility: hidden}
**table table table table table .meta {visibility: visible}
<*a href="">My Past</a>

<*a href="">My Present</a>

<*a href="">My Shit</a>

Ok what is wrong with that.
The style of my journal is Puiquin Elegant w/sidebar.
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layout request

i'd love a layout (free.. although soon upgrading to paid)!! i was so ecstatic to find this. i'm devoted to pink. my room is pink, most of my clothes are pink, i wear pink eyeshadow most of the time, etc. blinkies are hot too. sorry i don't mean to sound all greedy, but i worship pink.

how do we go about this? cuz i just want to totally revamp my profile. the entire thing. top to bottom. i want it sexy and romantic and steamy and PINK!